Apply for Accommodation

Applying for Accommodation


 'A' level results day is our busiest application date. Do not wait until you get your results to apply! At this stage, we are processing thousands of applications, so please bear with us!

Please click on the following sections that apply to you before submitting your application for accommodation.

  1. Quiet, Alcohol-Free, Single Sex, Welsh Speaking, Mature and Postgraduate Accommodation
  2. Our Residences and where will you be studying
  3. Non-standard course length, i.e. Health Science, such as Nurses etc.
  4. Summer & Short Term Accommodation
  5. Visiting or Exchange student
  6. Support is available, i.e. Disability, Financial, Wellbeing, Care Experienced Students
  7. Finance & Fees
  8. Show Flat Scheme - Get involved & show your room at Open Days.

Apply Online: Step by Step

Before you start

You should have already read Our Residences to see what is on offer, our designated areas and site locations before you make your application. Don't miss this step as you could end up with accommodation that is not suitable for you!

Once you know where you want to live, follow steps 1, 2 & 3 to guide you through creating an accommodation account and then submitting an application.

Information need to apply:

  1. Your 6 Digit Student Number - This can be found on your offer letter / email from Admissions.
  2. Your Surname
  3. Date of birth

The process is self-explanatory and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

If you would like to read in detail, click on Step 1. for more information, or Click here to go straight to Applying for Accommodation
If you have any issues along the way, click here for more help!

Step 1. Register

STEP 1. Register for an Accommodation Account

  • Always use the Back and Next Icons on the page and NOT the Back or Forward on your browser.
  • To apply for accommodation, you will first need to Register for an accommodation account.
  • Click 'Create an account' in the blue box as shown: 

Front Page

  • You will then need to enter your Student Number, Surname & Date of Birth.

Register Details

  • Check your details then click next
  • Enter your email address. Don't use one that you won't be able to access in a year, such as a school address
  • Create a Username (an email address is usually the easiest to remember)
  • Then create a Password. Choose 1 you will remember!

Register Details 2

  • In order to continue, you will need to click on a link that will be sent to your email address within 24 hours (as it expires!)
  • Once logged in, your Accommodation Account Hub Page will look like this:
  • You will then need to click on the 'Application'  Icon as circled in red below

Application Page

Now click on Step 2.


Step 2. Start Applying

STEP 2. You can now start making your application


Check your details, then complete your Emergency Contact Information

Details 2


 At the bottom of the 'Your Details' page, you will see Student Category. It is very important that you choose the correct Category to see the options available to you or that you are eligible to apply for.

Student CatagoryInformation for Student 

Student Categories:

  • FAMILY ACCOMMODATION REQUIRED - Any category of student that needs family accommodation
  • UNDERGRADUATE (1st Degree)
  • RETURNER 2nd, 3rd Year Students - For students already studying at Swansea
  • POSTGRAD (Masters Course) /  PhD Student
  • HEALTH SCIENCE COURSE (Nurse, Midwife, etc.,)
  • OTHER / Part-Year, ELTS, Exchange etc.,? 

Now click on Step 3.

Step 3. Make & Submit application

STEP 3. Make your accommodation choices  

This is what the screen will look like. Click on the various areas for more information.

Preferences circled

The next screen will allow you to make specific requests such as Quiet, Alcohol-free and Single Sex.


Once you have completed this part you will be able to submit your application.

If you are having any issues please see Problems Logging In?

Now go to the Accommodation Account Login page and click Create Account


When to apply for accommodation

Un/Conditional & Insurance

  • When you apply to the university, you will be issued a 6 digit Student Number (e.g. 987654)
    • Apply as soon as you have your student number, don't wait!
    • Even, Insurance choice, Clearing, Postgraduate etc., can apply once you have your Student No.
  • Apply by 30th June to be guaranteed accommodation - Unconditional & Conditional students only. However, we must stress that we do NOT guarantee any particular residence.
  • You can still apply after the 30th June but will be allocated in accordance with the Clearing and Late Applicantsguide.
    • We allocate students based on their choice for accommodation, the date of the application, the date of the results and any special requirement/disability.  
  • Confused by some of the terminologies? Click here for a brief UCAS guide.

Clearing & Late Applicants

  • Late applicants are any students applying after the 30th of June.
    • Last year we were able to house all Clearing students who applied for University accommodation, and we expect to be able to do the same again this year.  Over the last 3 years we have opened an extra 2000 ensuite rooms,  so we are now able to house 99% of first years.  The rest choose to live in shared student houses near to the campuses or in one of the private halls of residence in the city centre.
  • Once you have confirmed Swansea as your Firm, Insurance or Clearing university, you should apply for accommodation.
    • All students are able to apply for accommodation as soon as they receive a Swansea University 6 digit student number.

Returning / Continuing Students

  • If you suspend your studies before 1st February in your first year, you are eligible to reapply for University and can apply online as a new undergraduate.
  • Applications are open from February to 30th June.
    • The sooner you apply, the sooner you can confirm your accommodation.
  • Keep an eye on your accommodation account as we will send out offers monthly up until 'A' Level results.


Apply as soon as you know you want accommodation.

  • To be considered for university accommodation, make your application as soon as possible.
  • Offers are made in date order of application once your offer from the University becomes unconditional.
  • If you have your results and your University offer is unconditional before July, you will get an accommodation offer normally within a month of application.
  • If you are waiting on a Visa/Cas Letter, please advise us when you receive this.

For more information please see: Postgraduate & International Students

The Process

 The Process