Offering Volunteering Opportunities

Offering Volunteering Opportunities

Swansea University guidance to students advises that:

  • They do not work unpaid for longer than two weeks, on placement or internshi
  • That placements/internships must provide professional or graduate-level work
  • The hours in which students are permitted to undertake employability activities, during term-time,are limited in order not to impact their academic achievements:
    • During term-time, undergraduates should work no more than 16 hours on top of their studies, per week, and postgraduates are permitted 6 hours. International students may be further limited by visa restrictions.
    • Students can work as much as they please outside of term-time, providing legal restrictions are met. 

In-line with the hours, explained above, that students are permitted to engage in employability activities, we also encourage them to volunteer - in order to gain different Employability skills, to build their CVs and to give back to society. Swansea students are advised by SEA to volunteer on the following basis:

  • It must be volunteering for a registered charity, voluntary organisation or associated fund raising/statutory body
  • In the rare situation that they volunteer for a commercial organisation, it must bear the essential hallmarks of volunteering
  • We advise that students request a Volunteering Agreement. These agreements are commonplace within most genuine volunteering arrangements and normally state that there are no mutual obligations and that the student can walk away from the volunteering opportunity at any time.

Therefore, as volunteering opportunities are different to placement and employment opportunities, and in order that students are fully aware of the range of volunteering opportunities available to them, we do not permit volunteering opportunities to be posted on our Jobsboard. Instead, we have a dedicated tab within Employment Zone that we market to Swansea University students where charities (and similar) can add their website links into an A-Z list. This list is, however, not endorsed by Swansea University in any way.

To advertise your organisation on our A-Z list of places to volunteer, please email your request to: