Key Facts


New saltwater batteries - "Aquion's Hybrid Ion (AHI™)

  • safe and large scale
  • made using abundant, nontoxic materials
  • made using modern low cost manufacturing techniques 
  • maintenance -free
  • optimized for daily charge/recharge
  • first time used at large scale in the UK

First building with solar cells integrated into the roof panels.

  • cost efficient as saves on reduced installation costs
  • lightweight and flexible
  • modules offer efficiencies of over 14%

Active Classroom - Solar panels

Inside the Classroom

New resistive heating integrated into floor panels

  • electrical heating system powered from the sun 
  • fast, controllable, consistent heat
  • ideal for frequent changes in occupancy typical of school buildings
  • integrated with building management systems
  • generate, store, release systems approach 

Active Classroom - Floorplan

The Living Wall

Active Classroom Youtube The living wall

Active Classroom - The Living Wall 

A living wall has been planted with the help of local school children. 

Living walls have a number of benefits:

  • Improve aesthetics
  • Regulate temperature and reduce carbon footprint
  • Protect building facades
  • Provide wildlife habitats
  • Improve air quality
  • Deter graffiti
  • Reduce noise 

Active Classroom - Living Wall

Active Classroom (Bay Campus)

The Active Classroom is SPECIFIC's latest full-scale building demonstration project, located at Swansea University's £450 million Bay Campus. 

The Active Classroom contains a laboratory and classroom and will be used for teaching students. It will also be monitored closely, enabling researchers to test and validate building performance in an education facility and to see how users interact with technology. 

Demonstration at a building scale is vital in evaluating and proving techniques and technologies, before they will be adopted by the construction sector, regulators and consumers. SPECIFIC's demonstration programme has been designed to test and prove the buildings as power stations concept in a range of uses.

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