Natural Resources Wales (Singleton Park Campus)

Natural Resources Wales (NRW), are the Government advisors on environmental and ecological policy.

NRW's Analytical Services facilities will be based at Swansea University's Faraday building from February 2017. The facility services the research and environmental monitoring needs of what was the Environment Agency, the Countryside Council for Wales, and the Forestry Commission.

At the new laboratory, staff will continue to carry out essential environmental analysis work such as monitoring where there may be problems, testing the quality of the water from our beaches and investigating incidents of illegal waste sites and pollution.

The new laboratory will not only accommodate current needs and future growth for NRW, but offer unlimited opportunities for joint research ventures between NRW and Swansea University.

Co-locating the laboratory service within the academic sector and expanding its services will bring greater economic benefits to South West Wales. It will also offer a better and a wider range of services to NRW and potential customers throughout the UK and beyond.