Swansea University is strengthening its decade-long partnership with Navitas ‘The International College Wales Swansea (ICWS)’, having signed an agreement for a joint venture that brings with it an external investment of some £45m in the University’s estate.  This will see the creation of two new buildings at the Bay Campus: an academic building and a 411-bed student residence, as well as a change in name.  The partnership will be known as ‘The College, Swansea University’.   

The College

The College building, situated adjacent to the School of Management and the Multi-use Games Area (MUGA), incorporates customised classrooms and computer labs providing space for the small group teaching for Foundation and Year 1 students.  There is also a central atrium, furnished to enable social learning and individual study in an inspiring setting, along with a coffee area, and multi-purpose rooms for events and activities.  As well as teaching space, there is a 40-seat computer room and a 40-seat study room, both of which will be available for use by all Bay Campus students.  The College is expected to begin teaching into the new building from October 2018. 

Student residence

The new residence building is located immediately adjacent to the remainder of Bay Campus residences, providing students of The College with easy access to all of the facilities of that complex.  The hall will provide 411 student rooms, both standard and premium, as well as specially designed rooms for wheelchair access and for students with visual or hearing impairments.

On the ground floor, there are showers for use by all Bay Campus users, which is expected to be particularly useful for cyclists.  In response to student requests, there is also a large common room for socialising and events, which is also open to all Bay Campus residents. 

The hall will be ready for occupancy early in 2019.