What is the economic impact of the development?

The £450m Campus Development project spans 10 to 15 years and will bring huge regeneration to the Swansea Bay area and the Welsh economy as a whole.

It sits within a wider City Region economic regeneration strategy and will make a major contribution to the educational and economic life of Wales. It is estimated that over a ten year period the full development will have an economic impact in excess of £3 billion.

The construction activity alone will generate some 10,000 direct and indirect jobs and will stimulate over £430 million of economic activity, with £390 million of this within Wales.

What do you mean by ‘building a sustainable Knowledge Economy’?

Swansea University’s Knowledge Economy Strategy involves the University becoming more proactive in supporting economic development in the region. Specifically, the Strategy involves the University building upon its substantial track record of working with large companies to help drive the creation and growth of high-technology clusters in the region.

Swansea University will be developing three high-tech clusters as part of its expansion strategy including Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing, Digital Economy and Health and Biosciences. These are estimated to make up 75% of industrial Research and Development in the UK.

How are you looking to attract small and medium businesses (SMEs) to the new campus?

Swansea’s business-facing approach is one of the key unique selling points. At the heart of the Bay Campus is our colocation strategy where business engagement is embedded in research activities, as such we have created additional space for our academics postgraduate research and undergraduate students to work on projects with business. We are looking at space for business incubation as part of our Phase 2 discussions.

How can I find out about winning a contract or getting a job at the Bay Campus?

The University has encouraged the development contractors to work with local business. This procurement strategy has been very successful. If you are keen to supply the University with your services then these are usually advertised via the sell2wales website.

If you are looking for a job at either of our campuses then please refer to the University website.       

What will you do to ensure that the developments are sustainable?

The development has been assessed against a number of sustainability criteria and expects to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions of 11.2% above the building regulations compliant target emission rate.
The Bay Campus:

  • uses sustainable, energy efficient building techniques and renewable energy technology,
  • provides a sustainable drainage system (SUDS); and
  • has achieved a minimum of BREEAM ‘Very good’, and BREEAM ’Excellent’ for the Energy Safety Research Institute
  • incorporates provision for sustainable transport
  • reinforced sea defences and raising of the site by 600mm prior to construction to prevent flooding