Hospitality & Event Catering

Hospitality & Event Catering

No matter the size of your event Catering Services at Swansea University will provide first class hospitality across both campuses.

Whether you’re organising a business meeting, conference, or gala dinner we have a range of options that will fit your needs.

Using only the finest ingredients, our staff ensure top quality food and service from the initial request to the last bite. Our dedicated team will also tailor dining options for all diets, budgets and events.

Below are our menus for both Delivered Hospitality and Banqueting & Fine Dining.

If you are ready to order, please do so on our Delivered Hospitality Order Form. 

If you have any questions please contact our catering team on 01792 292345 or email


Key Booking Information  

From 7th September 2018 we will only be serving our new Delivered Hospitality menu. Orders from the previous menu will no longer be taken. 

Delivered Hospitality Menu - September 2018

From 7th September 2018 we request that you place all orders using our online form. Failure to do so may result in your booking not being processed.

Internal Delivered Hospitality Menu - Sept 2018

Delivered Hospitality is also available for external customers and contractors hosting an event on campus. If you have any questions please contact with regards to external ordering. 

External Delivered Hospitality Menu - Sept 2018

Delivered Hospitality

Delivered Hospitality

We have a range catering options including buffets, platters, working lunches and teas & coffees. The perfect addition for any meeting and event. 

Delivered Hospitality Menu - September 2018

Banqueting and Fine Dining

Banqueting and Fine Dining

‌Browse through our selection of exquisite banqueting menus for the Refectory Gala Dinner Menus (Refectory) or the Great Hall Gala Dinner Menus (Great Hall) .

Frequently Asked Questions - Hospitality

Why have some items that were on the old menus been removed?

The menu has been developed following consultation with customers (via Focus Groups) and extensive research of what other universities offer.

Some items that were unpopular have been removed. However, the menu is intended to be ‘dynamic’ with items being added and replaced regularly, so if you have specific feedback please let us know as we would like to take this on board.

How does the ‘bring your own cup’ option work?

Simply bring your own cup from the office or takeaway cup, fill up tea/coffee and enjoy. Just remember to take it back with you. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders may be cancelled or amended subject to notice requirements;

a. for orders of up to £200 in value, a minimum of 3 working days’ notice must be given for cancellation or amendments

b. for orders of between £201-£999 in value, a minimum of 5 working days’ notice must be given for cancellation or amendments

c. for orders of £1000 or more in value, a minimum of 10 working days’ notice must be given for cancellation or amendments

d. ALL cancellations or amendments will only be valid if written (i.e. email) confirmation is received from the client OR supplied to the client by the Catering department

Where orders are cancelled or amended without giving the required notice, a cancellation charge of up to 100% of the booking value, will be charged.

What if one of the group has an allergy? Can you accommodate?

Let us know and we will try our best to accommodate all needs. We have an allergy guide on our website to also help guide.  

Why is there a surcharge for orders placed with less than three days notice?

We will try our best to accommodate any last minute bookings, however additional costs may be occurred which will include provisions for getting additional member of staff at short notice, i.e agency staff. 

Orders placed with less than 3 working days’ notice may be accepted at the discretion of the Catering department but will attract the following surcharges;

a. for orders placed more than 36 hours prior to the delivery time/date, a 10% surcharge will apply

b. for orders placed less than 36 hours prior to the delivery time/date, a 25% surcharge will apply.

Can I choose the fillings of the sandwiches/wraps?

If there are specific needs please let us know at time of order and we will accommodate. Our fillings are constantly changing but if there is any area you would like more of please specific at time of order. 

What if my numbers/dietary requirements change?

Let us know and we will try our best to accommodate, the more notice we have the higher the chance we will be able to provide a suitable alternative. 

What if I run out of food?

The amounts served are based on standard proportions for an adult. It is recommend to order based on the number of people with minimal over orders.

What if my recharge code changes?

Let us know and we can update our records accordingly. Please note recharges are processed the day after the delivery has taken place. 

What if I want something that’s not on the menu?

Bespoke menus would be costed and priced on an individual basis and it is expected that the price per head would be notably higher than standard menu options as these are based on higher volume standard stock items rather than produce bought in specifically for one booking.  

We’ll try our best to accommodate what you’re hoping to order, please let us know at least 7 days in advance to allow us time to source the bespoke items.  

Are there any additional charges for evenings or weekends?

For deliveries outside of 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to –Friday and any weekend deliveries under 25 people there will be a charge of £49.00 to cover staff costs, this is based on a member of staff for 4 hours (not applicable for events).

Can I have themed specials?

We are hoping to launch month chef’s specials which will be themed to that particular month. Let us know your theme are we will try our best to incorporate this in. 

Can I bring in my own catering?

We do not allow other catering to be “mixed in” with ours, because we have strict food hygiene standards and we can not guarantee that other providers follow the same standards.

Can I order from an external catering company?

There is no rule against using external caterers but we do discourage this because

 a) we cannot guarantee the standards of external operators (e.g. food hygiene, insurance);

b) there is less flexibility if something goes wrong (we often get calls to provide food at short notice when an external company has not delivered on time); and

c) all other things being equal it is better to keep money within the University than spend it outside. 

Is the menu sustainable and does it use reusable presentation options?

We strive to think of sustainability in everything we do. This can be seen in the revamp service options and in the new forms of presentation. Do help reduce one-use cups, the disposable cups coffee option is the most expensive. 

Why are there different levels of service and presentation?

Each order requires different levels of assistance from staff. These options are to give the flexibility needed ensuring top quality for all options. See page 18 & 19 in the hospitality brochure. 

How do I know which one to choose?

The brochure provides a guide on how to choose your service option but if you are in doubt please contact our staff for assistance.