The Research

Energy:  One of the key areas where advances in chemistry will be needed is in providing solutions to the global energy challenge. Chemistry research in Swansea University is participating in fundamental and applied research initiatives focused on: 

  • Conversion and storage of electrochemical and solar energy 
  • Capture, storage, and chemical conversion of carbon dioxide 
  • Development of new molecules, materials and nanotechnologies related to energy production, conversion, transport, and storage and their incorporation into devices.
  • Electron transfer reactions
  • Development and implementation of advanced characterisation techniques for acquiring in-depth understanding of photovoltaics, batteries and processes, which enable improvement in performance.
  • Routes for rapid processing and manufacturing at scale.
  • Optimized utilization of fossil energy 
  • Hydrogen as an energy vector

These research efforts are carried out jointly with the the College of Engineering – which ranked 2nd in the UK in research environment in the REF 2014. The close interaction with Engineering and Industry is a critical aspect for allowing us to take the chemical science discoveries into practical solutions and applications. For example, this research has already gone a long way in demonstrating the viability of soon turning buildings into power stations that generate, store and release their own energy (SPECIFIC project).