New and Advanced Molecules and Materials

The Research

New and Advanced Molecules and Materials: There is major interest in synthesing, designing and controllling molecular and macromolecular assemblies at multiple length scales. In Swansea this research involves use of: 

  • Soft condensed matter including surfactants, colloids and polymers
  • Synthesis and characterization of transition metal-based and organic dye molecules for application in dye sensitized solar cells
  • Materials for efficient multiphoton absorption and upconversion 
  • Natural products
  • Molecular recognition and self-assembly to generate novel materials
  • Continuous flow synthesis
  • Molecular scale and nanoscale characterisation of ordered and amorphous assemblies
  • Development of nanocomposites comprising metallic nanoparticles and hydrogels
  • Autonomous and remotely guided micro- and nanoscale objects
  • Studying and tuning the characteristics of nanomaterials and biomaterials 

This research benefits from access to the world-class facilities in the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, The Materials Advanced Characterisation Centre and the Advanced Imaging Facility.

This research is allowing the development of bioinspired water-repelling nanomaterials to replace more expensive and environmentally-damaging materials used for waterproofing, ‘smart release’ of corrosion inhibitors for use in steel products, development of improved catalytic and photocatalytic processes and materials with life-like characteristics (e.g. division, self-replication, responsiveness to external cues and stimuli etc.), fabrication of fotovoltaics, development of batteries, creation of synthetic nanomotors, nanomachines and devices for active cargo delivery and sensing etc.