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I am delighted by the news from the University at Swansea, the RSC is in the process of accrediting the University’s new degrees.” (David Barr, Head of Membership at Royal Society of Chemistry [RSC])

Our undergraduate teaching programme offers the opportunity to engage on cutting edge research, contributing to a research project or pursuing your own ideas. Most UK chemistry departments provide research experience in the final year –in Swansea we offer the possibility of getting research skills also in earlier years, encouraging and facilitating ways for students to: develop research plans and original research ideas, write proposals, conduct chemistry research interacting with other disciplines, analyse research data and present their research results in oral and written form.

Students can use the research experience to consolidate what they have learnt in lectures, tutorials and teaching laboratories, whilst investigating and gaining expertise in areas of research that excites them. The research projects allow close student-staff interaction and cooperation, and gaining practical and real-life problem solving skills in modern chemistry. This accumulated research knowledge and experience gained over multiple years provides students a leading edge in job applications and careers after graduation. Most importantly, students have fun and are directly involved in research that aims to solve global challenges.

Work Placements


The Year in Industry must be taken with a sector relevant employer or organisation and can be taken either locally, nationally or overseas. The advantages of taking the year in Industry are extensive, giving you the opportunity to apply your skills in a work based environment which in turn will greatly enhancing your CV and employment prospects. The department will provide ongoing support and guidance prior to your placement in year 2 through the pre-placement programme, and whilst you are on placement through regular contact points with staff. 

The department has strong links with a number of organisations who are working with us to provide a range of placement opportunities. However securing a placement is the responsibility of the student. If you are unable to secure a placement by the end of the second year of your studies you will transfer onto the equivalent 3 year degree programme. 

Students on the MChem with a Year in Industry scheme will complete modules taught by distance learning during the industry year.

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