Directions for Blind / VI students

The following orientation advice is provided for visitors who have arrived by taxi or FTR Metro and who are Blind or have reduced vision. Information is correct at the time of publication, but does not take into account short term disruptions such as roadworks or building work. Please contact us on 01792 513000 or at if you require further information on orientation. 

Ask the taxi driver to drop you at the steps of Fulton House. This is also where the bus stop is located.

Turn left along the pavement. You will find a guideway in the pavement, with five raised ridges.

Take the guideway for approx 25m, then follow it around to the right, past a bobbled surface and immediately over two drain covers.

Continue ahead for a further 25m.

You will encounter a drain cover cutting through the guideway. You may also hear an automatic door operating to your right and the sound of children attending the campus nursery to the left.

A couple of metres after the drain cover, there is a drop curb and crossing where you will need to cross the road. The pavement has a bobbled texture at the drop curb. The crossing does not have lights or beacons, but traffic should stop for you.

Turn right on the other side of the road and continue along the pavement. There is no guide way at this point. Hazard warning! About one meter after the crossing, there is a signpost in the pavement approx 75cm from the curb.

You should still be able to hear the children in the nursery on your left at this point.

After about 25m there is a drain cover in the middle of the pavement. Turn left after approx 1m . There are three shallow steps here with a railing either side- there is bumping on the pavement in front of the steps to warn you of their presence.

The Assessments@CampusLife entrance is directly ahead of you at the bottom of the steps. The front door is automatic, but in certain weather conditions, we need to keep it shut.