Feedback, comments and complaints

We would like to hear any feedback (both positive or negative) regarding your assessment experience with us. If you have any comments, please follow the procedure below:

General comments: Please forward comments to us using the contacts in the right-hand column - or the form below.

Adjustments to reports: We have processes in place that will enable you to discuss the content of your draft report. Any issues in relation to this will be addressed through discussions between yourselves and your assessor in the first instance.

Complaints: If you have discussed a particular issue and do not feel that a satisfactory resolution has been reached (or if you feel that an aspect of our service has fallen short of your expectation), you are welcome to make a formal complaint. Please communicate your complaint using your preferred option from contacts on the right-hand column or the form below. Be sure to mark it for the attention of Daniel Parrott (Assessments@CampusLife Manager). It would be helpful if you could provide a preferred means of contact and details of the issue in question.

If you feel that your complaint remains unresolved following discussions with the Centre Manager, we will arrange for the issue to be handled via Swansea University's formal complaints procedure.