How long does it take to get the grades I need?

When do courses start?

The academic year at ELTS is divided into 3 terms. Courses begin in September, February and June. Please use the information below to check how many and which courses you need to achieve the level required to begin your Swansea university programme.

How quickly will I improve?

One of the most frequent questions asked in ELTS is, “How long do I need to get the English level required to start my university course?”. We aim to help you to improve by one level per term.  ELTS cannot guarantee that all students will attain the required level within the recommended time, but we guarantee to help you and to guide you on your progress each term.

If you progress more quickly than one level per term, you will be able to complete your time at ELTS sooner.

How many terms of English study do I need?

You must check your offer letter to find out the level required to begin your study programme at Swansea University. Please note that most undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes begin in October, but some foundation programmes begin at other times of the year. If you are unsure of how much English you need or when to begin, please contact us for advice .

We expect our students to improve their language ability at a rate of 1.0 IELTS band per term of study. For example, if you enter with an IELTS of 4.0 and you require a 6.0, then you should prepare to study with us for 2 terms. 

This progression is based on the achievements of international students who complete their course successfully and is not a guarantee of achievement. "Successful completion" means:

  • you have a minimum attendance of 90%
  • you complete all parts of your portfolio (worth 70% of the final grade)
  • pass the STEAP exam (worth 30% of the final grade)
  • have a positive attitude to learning.