Linking the pre-sessional programme to your academic area

Linking the pre-sessional programme to your academic area

In order to make your time with us as relevant as possible, we have designed our pre-sessional courses to relate as closely as possible to your to your academic area. These relate to the eight colleges within Swansea University. If you are not sure which college you will study in, you can check on this list of undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses. You will need this information in order to complete the pre-sessional application form. 

The eight colleges are:

  • College of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Management
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Human and Health Sciences
  • Swansea University Medical School
  • College of Science
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law
  • The College, Swansea University

We therefore aim to group students from similar subject areas together in class.

Course Content

Language and Academic Skills for Academic Studies

Each morning, you will study the academic and general language skills you need to develop your ability to understand and produce English for successful study and life in a UK university. It will also help you to become a more critical thinker and encourage you to become a more independent learner.

We will also teach you to find and evaluate academic sources and how to reference them. These are key academic skills for all students and are linked to both the reading and writing parts of the course.

Subject-Related Content

Subject-Related Academic Reading and Writing Skills

Our reading and writing skills classes will develop the skills required to improve your academic reading and writing. The reading course requires you to select texts from the type of coursebooks and journal articles which you will meet during your studies. The writing course develops essay writing skills, using topics which relate to your subject area.

Subject-Related Listening and Note-taking Skills for Academic Lectures

An important part of the course is developing the skills to cope with different lecture styles and to take effective notes. We do this by helping you to understand how lectures are structured and by organising live lectures delivered by staff who teach on the courses you will study in the future.

Subject-Related Presentation and Academic Speaking Skills for Presentations, Seminars, and Tutorials

An important aspect of your undergraduate or postgraduate studies is the ability to present confidently and well on academic topics. This aspect of the course builds your confidence in academic speaking and leads to a final presentation on the topic of your pre-sessional project.

Individual Subject-Related Project

One of the most important parts of our pre-sessional programmes is the development of a project based on an area of interest linked to your future studies. This project, which includes the planning, drafting and editing of a longer piece of academic writing plus an individual presentation of its content, will help you to become familiar with the content of a module from your future degree programme. It combines the reading, writing, academic speaking, and research and critical thinking skills which are developed in the other areas of the course.

College Talks

We organise a college talk event with each of the colleges during our summer pre-sessional. This is an excellent opportunity for you to visit your college, meet some of the academic staff who will be responsible for your education, and gain valuable insight into modules you should select. These are friendly, informal events, usually with tea and biscuits, and a great chance for you to introduce yourself to your future peers and teachers.