Enrolment for Continuing Undergraduates

Enrolment steps

Before you enrol

Sort out your tuition fee

  • Make your application for a UK student finance loan to Student Finance England, Wales or Northern Ireland (the Student Loans Company). If you have a loan from the Student Loans Company, your fees will be paid by your tuition fee loan/grant and your maintenance loan will be paid when you have enrolled within five working days.
  • If you have other sponsorship from your employer, trust, council or embassy, send us a confirmation of sponsorship form or letter from your sponsor by email to studentfinance@swansea.ac.uk or by post to Student Records Office, Singleton Abbey, Swansea University,  SA2 8PP
  • If the University is paying towards your fees, make sure your bursary is authorised when you enrol (Members of staff send us your Staff Bursary or Research Assistant Bursary form)
  • Otherwise you need to make your own arrangements to pay by card or direct debit when you enrol or pay in advance by logging in to the SU intranet and click on Financial Transactions to make a payment.

Module selection

International non-EU right to study check

  • Check your visa has not expired and covers the duration of your course. If you need to extend your visa talk to our International Campus Life office as soon as possible, browse Advice about your visa
  • Bring your passport and visa/Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card) to the international non-EU registration venue to confirm your right to study and then enrol online.

Paying your bills

  • If you rely on a bursary, scholarship, grant or loan to pay your bills, please note the first payment is made after you enrol and may not be in your bank account by the 1st day of the month. To avoid going overdrawn, we advise direct debits/making regular payments after the 7th day of the month.
  • If you have not received a University maintenance payment you were expecting, please contact the Finance Payments section.

Right to study registration


We need your passport or other ID to confirm your identity, nationality, right to study and eligibility to receive your student loan or research grant or other University bursary or scholarshp.

UK and EU students

You can upload a passport and enter details by logging in to the intranet

If you are from the UK but do not have a passport:

  • email a scanned image of your birth certificate and UK photo ID to studentrecords@swansea.ac.uk 
  • or send a photocopy (not originals) by post to Student Records, Singleton Park, Swansea University, SA2 8PP, Wales, UK. 
  • Acceptable forms of photo ID are a UK photo driving licence or a UK PASS card from the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme. You can get a UK PASS card from here www.validateuk.co.uk

If you are from the EU but do not have a passport, email a scanned image of your National Identity card to studentrecords@swansea.ac.uk

International non-EU students

If you are from outside the EU, you will need to complete a right to study check in person:

  • Bring your passport and visa
  • If you have applied for a new visa, bring your letter of entitlement to pick up your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card)
  • If we need proof of your entry qualifications, bring your certificates. For example, an original bachelor degree certificate.
  • If your employer, embassy or trust is paying your tuition fee, bring your sponsor letter with you
  • If necessary, book an appointment to register with the police
  • For further details browse international right to study check

Enrolment online

You will need to login to the intranet to enrol online

  • Agree to be a student at Swansea University and abide by the academic guide regulations and the data protection statement
  • Provide your term time address and postcode if you are studying in the UK, otherwise provide your study abroad contact address
  • Check and update your student record
  • Confirm your module selection
  • If you are liable to pay a fee, during online enrolment make a payment by card or set up a direct debit
  • At the end of online enrolment you will receive a message confirming that you have successfully enrolled.
  • If you do not receive a message that you have successfully enrolled or for any reason you cannot enrol online, please contact us and a member of staff will help you.

Paying tuition fees

If you are self-funding, browse the links below about paying your fees:

Continuing undergraduate return dates

  • If necessary, report to your subject area induction venue (see below) otherwise check your teaching timetable and attend class at the start of term
  • By the start of term you should have chosen modules totalling 120 credits, if you are full time or 60 credits, if you are part time. 
  • If you need to change your module selection, ask staff for advice before signing up for a module.
 Subject areaReturn date
College of Arts and Humanities  Singleton Park campus 
Cyfryngau a Chysylltiadau Cyhoeddus Blwyddyn 2
Cyfryngau a Chysylltiadau Cyhoeddus Blwyddyn 3
28 Sep 13:00, Keir Hardie 021
28 September 14:00, Keir Hardie 021
Cymraeg Blwyddyn 2
Cymraeg Blwyddyn 3
2 October start of term
Classics, Ancient History, Egyptology Year 2
Classics, Ancient History, Egyptology Year 3
27 Sep 15:00, Faraday Lecture Room K
27 Sep 14:00, Faraday Lecture Room K
English Language and TESL Year 2
English Language and TESL Year 3
28 September 10.00, James Callaghan Lecture Theatre
28 September 11.00, James Callaghan Lecture Theatre 
English Literature & Creative Writing Year 2
English Literature & Creative Writing Year 3
2 October start of term
History Year 2
History Year 3

29 September 14:00, James Callaghan Lecture Theatre
29 September 10:00, James Callaghan Lecture Theatre

Modern Languages Year 2
Modern Languages Year 3&4
29 September 14:00, James Callaghan LT
29 September 10:00, James Callaghan LT
Media & Communications Year 2
Media & Communications Year 3
28 September 13:00, Faraday Lecture Room B
28 September 14:00, Faraday Lecture Room B
Political and Cultural Studies Year 2
Political and Cultural Studies Year 3
28 September 10:00, Faraday Lecture Theatre
28 September 11:00, Faraday Lecture Room M
College of Engineering Bay campus 
Sports Science
2 October start of teaching
College of Human and Health Sciences  Singleton Park campus 
Interprofessional Health Studies 
Public Health, Policy, and Social Sciences
4 September start of teaching
Refer to the College of Human and Health Sciences
Medical Sciences and Humanities, Psychology 2 October start of teaching
Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law Singleton Park campus 
All subject areas 2 October start of teaching
School of Management Bay campus 
All subject areas 2 October start of teaching
College of Medicine  Singleton Park campus 
Applied Medical Sciences, Biochemistry and Genetics 2 October start of teaching
Medicine Years 2, 3 & 4 4 September start of teaching
College of Science  Singleton Park campus 
Biosciences Year 2
Biosciences Years 3 & 4
26 September 14:00, Faraday Lecture Theatre
29 September 10.30, Grove Lecture Theatre
Computer Science Year 2
Computer Science Year 3
Computer Science Year 4 MEng
Computer Science Year 4 MSci
29 September 14:00, Grove Lecture Theatre
29 September 10.00, Faraday K
26 September 10:00, Faraday B
26 September 10:00, Faraday C
Geography Year 2
Geography Year 3
29 September 13:00 Grove LT
29 September 09.30  Grove LT
Mathematics Year 2 queries only
Mathematics Year 3 queries only
MMaths Year 3 & 4 queries only
29 September 10:00, Talbot 216
29 September 10.00, Talbot 220
29 September 10:00, Talbot 209
Physics Year 1 continuing
Physics Year 2
Physics Year 3
Physics Year 4
25 September 11:00, Faraday L
26 September 10:00, Glyndwr B
29 September 10:00, Glyndwr B
29 September 10.00, Vivian  516

Enrolment deadlines and termination of candidature

Quarter Course start date Enrolment start date Enrolment deadline
1 Mid September-October 17/Sep/2018 15/Oct/2018
2 January 11/Dec/2017 15/Jan/2018
3 April 12/Mar/2018 16/Apr/2018
4 July 11/Jun/2018 16/Jul/2018
 - Early September and other start dates Refer to early and other enrolment

Students withdrawn after the enroment deadline may be reinstated to enrol by submitting a  Late enrolment approval form

Withdrawn students will no longer be able to continue studying, access University facilities, such as Blackboard; will not be able to stay in University owned accommodation in line with the Terms and Conditions of a tenancy agreement. Tier 4 student visa holders will also risk having their visa cancelled.