Frequently Asked Questions

Who enrols online

When do I enrol

  • At the start of each year of your course you will be expected to enrol.
  • For the majority of students this will be in September when online enrolment opens for courses starting in September or October 
  • If you are on a year out, you can enrol from mid August.
  • For courses starting in other months or english language training/adult education/exchange/visiting student, browse the alternative dates and times listed under Early and other Enrolment Events 

How do I enrol online

  • Login to the University Intranet, click on the green arrow and follow the step-by-step instructions
  • Agree to the student declaration
  • Make corrections to your personal details and check you course and entry qualifications
  • Confirm and select your modules as necessary. Module information ia available on our Courses A-Z pages
  • If you have a 100% student loan or sponsorship, then you won't need to pay anything
  • Otherwise make an online payment by card or set up a direct debit when you enrol

How do I login for the first time?

Your user id is your student number and default password is set to your student number and date of birth. For example, if your student number is 123456 and date of birth is 1st June 1995, type user id "123456" and password "123456/01/06/1995". After logging in you will agree to a data protection and terms and conditions statement. Change your password before proceeding to enrol online.

How do I get to my University email?

The user id mentioned above is also your login for our online services at which allows you to access your email, Blackboard and other online services. Your email address will be For example, if your student number is 123456, your email is

What if I have a tuition fee to pay?

You can either pay the first instalment by card online or set up a direct debit and pay your tuition fee later in two instalments (first DD payment due mid November).

International students must pay at least 50% of their fee in order to enrol.

If you intend to pay by direct debit online you should have a UK current bank account in your name and transfer funds to that account before the first payment is due.

You can also pay by bank transfer to the University's account or by cheque or by phone. However, you will need to wait for your payment to clear before attempting to enrol on your course. Most transactions clear within 5 working days but more complex international transactions may take up to 10 working days. Browse how to pay fees for details.

What if I cannot enrol online?

If for any reason you cannot enrol online don't panic! Staff will be available on campus to help and if necessary you can enrol in person.

What if I need to speak to someone about enrolment?

Phone our help line open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (closed Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays) and a member of staff will answer your questions.

Video Tutorial for UK and EU

International non EU

Timeline 2018

DateEventEvent Information


Early enrolment (1)

Early and other enrolment events 

17 September

Main enrolment open

Online enrolment FAQ
21-22 September Arrivals weekend Arrivals and welcome
21-28 September

International Right to study check
for non-EU students

Right ot study registration
24-28 September College induction Undergraduate induction
Postgraduate induction
24 September
25-26 September
Freshers Fayre Great Hall
Freshers Fayre Fulton Lawn
Swansea University
Students Union Events
1 October Teaching & learning (2)
Term & Semester dates
to July
Other enrolment intakes (3) Other enrolment events 
(1) For DACE, LPC/GDL, Cardiac Physiology, Respiratory and Sleep Physiology, Audiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy Physics, Radiation Physics and Neurophysiology, Midwifery, Paramedic, Nursing, visiting or exchange student
(2) Latest acceptance date 15 October
(3) Enrolment for research and other courss starting in December/January, March/April, July/August

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