Honorary Awards

Swansea University Honorary Awards

An Honorary Award is one of higher education's most significant accolades. Each year, following very careful consideration, Swansea University confers Honorary Awards on individuals in recognition of outstanding achievement to the University or the region. The recipients of this year’s Awards are drawn from a range of fields including entertainment, sport and commerce. 

Sarah Powell

Sarah Leanne Powell, the first female Chief Executive Officer of Sport Wales, has been presented with an honorary award by Swansea University.  

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Jeff Towns

Swansea University has conferred an honorary degree on Swansea-born Jeff Towns, a world-renowned expert on the books and manuscripts of Dylan Thomas.


Gerald Gabb

Swansea University has bestowed an honorary degree on Gerald Gabb, senior historian of Swansea.


HRH Prince Turki Bin Mohammed Bin Nasser Abdulaziz Al-Saud

Swansea University has presented a member of the Saudi Royal family, who has connections with the University’s School of Management, with an honorary degree.  


Professor Dr Michael Roeckner

Swansea University has awarded an honorary degree to Professor Dr Michael Roeckner, a world-renowned expert in the mathematical field of stochastic analysis. 

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His Excellency Professor Dr Saud bin Nasser Al-Riyami

His Excellency Professor Dr Saud bin Nasser Al-Riyami, one of Swansea University’s most distinguished alumni, and highly-esteemed President of Sultan Qaboos University in the State of Oman, has received an honorary award from the university. 


Professor Zhuo Zhuang

Swansea University has awarded an honorary degree to Professor Zhuo Zhuang, Chief Scientist of the National Fundamental Scientific Research of China and Professor at the School of Aerospace at Tsinghua University, China.   


Charles Matthews OBE

Swansea University has awarded Charles Matthews OBE, founder of Sigma QC Limited and Human Electric, with an honorary degree. 

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Martin Coles

Swansea University has presented Martin Coles, President and Chief Executive Officer of HaloSource, a global company that develops clean technologies to disinfect and purify water, with an honorary award.