Professor Dr Michael Roeckner Honorary DSc, 26 July 2017


Professor Michael Roeckner is one of the outstanding mathematicians in the wider field of stochastic analysis and has contributed significantly to the prospering of stochastic analysis at Swansea University.

Professor Roeckner is one of the most cited authors in the field of stochastic analysis and involved in numerous international activities which have shaped developments in the field over the last three decades. Mathematicians in Swansea have many and quite diverse relations to Professor Roeckner including ground-breaking and ongoing work with the College of Science’s Professor Feng-yu Wang particularly on functional inequalities and stochastic partial differential equations; papers resulting from this work have contributed much to Swansea University’s QS ranking.  Dr Roeckner has also collaborated with Swansea University’s Professor Niels Jacob in the recruitment of Professors Wang, Liskevich and Lytvynov to Swansea University.

Speaking on receiving his award, Dr Roeckner said: “Honestly speaking, I would have never expected that my collaborations with colleagues at Swansea University would lead to such a prestigious award.

I am extremely happy about this great honour from such a renowned university, and I look forward to continuing close contact with the University in a research capacity and as friends.”