BSc Health and Social Care, Sima Ali

Sima was the Summer Graduation 2018 recipient of the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Academic Excellence’ Award for BSc Health and Social Care. We caught up with Sima to find out more about her experiences of Swansea University...

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?

There were numerous reasons why I chose to study at Swansea University. As I was born and raised in Swansea, it was practical for me as the campus is only a short walk from home. I’d had friends and family members who enrolled previously and upon asking them about their experiences, they had nothing but good things to say. Additionally, the University’s outstanding reputation as it was named ‘University of the Year’ in the 2014 Student Choice Awards played a huge part in making my decision.

Can you tell us about your course?

The course I studied was incredibly vast, covering an array of modules including psychology, social policy, health law, health economics, human anatomy and physiology amongst many others. I have learnt a number of things whilst completing the course and I can honestly say, it is one I would recommend to others. It is well structured, with an excellent team of lecturers and professors and is designed in a way which prepares you for the world of work.

What part of the course do you/did you enjoy the most?

Although it was the most stressful, I would have to say I enjoyed my final year the most. There wasn’t a specific part I enjoyed more than the other, the entire year was equally enjoyable. During this time, it made me realise how much I have achieved so far and I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment for myself and my peers once we completed the course.

What’s been your highlight whilst studying at Swansea University?

There have been so many highlights during my time at Swansea University, but one which stands out from the rest, are the friendships that I made along the way. Without Swansea Uni, I would have never met some of the most incredible people I know and I would have never had the pleasure of working with/alongside some of the best lecturers and professors.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?

Now that my time at Swansea Uni has come to an end, I hope to continue my academic career by enrolling on to a PGCE Primary Education course where I can learn and develop the skills required to be a primary teacher.

How will your studies help you pursue your chosen profession?

My studies will be particularly beneficial when applied to primary education as I have learnt the importance of laws and regulations (including child protection laws), how vital safeguarding is, and the ways in which the education system has changed over the years in Britain, amongst other things.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students? 

I would thoroughly recommend Swansea University as it is an excellent institution to complete your studies. Staff are understanding and are available to help you when you require it. The uni has great facilities and a large number of societies in which you can join. You are also given many opportunities to voice your opinion and make change e.g. by applying for student rep and ambassador positions. Being a part of Swansea uni, has been like being a part of a large family or community – it has given me a sense of belonging.

How do you feel about winning this award?

I am overwhelmed and in complete shock that I have been awarded the award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Academic Excellence’. It really is a pleasure and so heart-warming to know that all my efforts have paid off. It has truly made me realise that if you work towards something, it is possible to achieve it. I would just like to thank my family, friends, my personal tutor Dr Ruth Hopkins and of course, everyone else at Swansea University for making these last three years the best three years of my entire academic career.