Annmarie Thomas, BMid Midwifery

I studied Midwifery at Swansea and graduated with a first class honours degree.  Since then I have secured a position working as a newly qualified midwife at the Princess of Wales hospital, Bridgend and I am thoroughly enjoying my new role and the learning continues with every shift.

I loved studying at Swansea, it is my local university and felt very welcoming and homely.  I feel that my particular course benefitted from having a small cohort which allowed us to get to know each other really well over the three years. The support I received from my classmates and the lecturing team made my time a Swansea very special.  I loved being able to mix clinical practice with university lectures every week as we could feedback and reflect about our experiences which I feel is extremely important within Midwifery.

I've been supported every step, academically, emotionally and within my clinical practice. I feel very fortunate to be a Swansea Student and to have met such inspirational life teachers.

I desperately miss being a student which is why the advice I would give to future Midwifery students would be to relish every minute.  The nature of the course is like a roller coaster but if you keep yourself open and passionate, it really does change your life.  I feel like I’ve learnt so much about myself, like I’ve been put together differently to become a midwife.