Gareth James, BSc Adult Nursing

What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University?

After being unsatisfied with previous jobs in catering and hairdressing, I found myself exploring a career in Healthcare. Whilst working in a nursing home with older adults with dementia, I felt my progression working in Healthcare would be limited without further education. From this I Decided to undertake an Access to Health Professions Diploma which naturally led to earning a place at Swansea University.

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?

As well as the beautiful location, I’ve always been attracted to the inclusive, diverse nature of the students I knew studying there and I found contact with staff to be more supportive and informal than other local institutions.

Can you tell us about your course?

An intensive undertaking of theory presented in a number of ways to suit different learning styles paired with periods of practical opportunities with local healthcare institutions. It has equipped me with the fundamental skills and knowledge to start my career as an autonomous, reflective practitioner.

What part of the course do you/did you enjoy the most?

I definitely enjoyed the more practical aspects, having the opportunity to simulate real life scenarios with the use of the clinical suites to practice skills in a safe and supportive environment without the pressures of a real life clinical setting.

What’s been your highlight whilst studying at Swansea University?

Being able to get involved with improving the student experience as a subject representative and as an ambassador to the College at student selection events and being a part of influencing the nursing workforce of the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Virtual Dementia Tour bus that visited the College - an eye opening experience and the best training I've ever received on supporting those living with dementia.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?

To gain a good foundation of Postgraduate experience in my current area of Cardio-thoracic Intensive Care with the hopes of exploring advanced nursing roles in the future.

How will your studies help you pursue your chosen profession?

The course has equipped me with core skills to progress as a newly qualified nurse such as medication safety or monitoring the sick patient as well as wider skills such as how to properly conduct research or styles of leadership which will be invaluable as I develop into a more experienced practitioner.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students?

Yes - with an ideal work-life balance, especially with planned developments to the local area as well as exciting innovations locally from a professional viewpoint, Swansea University is the perfect choice for any student at the start of their career. With the wide range of support services available, a higher education is accessible for students of all backgrounds and capabilities.