Sian Evans, BSc Social Policy

What did you enjoy the most about studying at Swansea University?

My favorite part about the course was the way in which it provided a well-rounded knowledge of a range of Social Policy areas and issues including health, housing, social security and disability policies. I also very much liked how approachable the lecturers were and this has certainly been vital to my postgraduate choices.

What skills did you learn?

The course helped develop many skills that are critical to graduate jobseekers. These include time management, organization, research and literature search skills, and verbal and written communication skills.

Where are you currently doing?

I am studying for a Master’s in Social Research Methods. I will then be undertaking a PhD in Cardiff. I really am enjoying my Masters’ course, I find it fulfilling to be studying and building on my existing knowledge developed through the BSc in Social Policy – particularly now I have the future aim of studying for a PhD.

What would your advice be to new students entering the college?

My advice to future students would be to make the most of any practical work experience offered as part of the BSc and also by the careers service, in addition to aiming as high as possible in academic assignments. Also join some societies! Do anything to make your University experience as rich and broad as possible – it may sound tough to do so much, but it your time here is what you make of it! Three years isn’t as long as you think so make it worth it.

Sian studied BSc Social Policy and completed her degree in 2014.