Meet Agatha

I chose to study in the UK because I believed the country had a good education system, culture and diversity that would give me the chance to expand my horizons. Swansea in particular, was my ideal place to study my Bachelor Degree, with its serene atmosphere and scenic surroundings.

I have always had a great fascination with Psychology - it is a way of understanding myself and others and offers different ways of analysing and interpreting society.   My lecturers on the course are supportive, and have given me valuable advice about how I can enhance my studies, and develop my future career.

I believe extra-curricular activities are important and I am currently a student ambassador and a student employability representative at the University. I also volunteer at the Wellbeing Centre, and at the British Red Cross, and I am a project coordinator and student trustee for Discovery, the University-sponsored charity providing a range of services to the local community.

One of the best things I have been able to do whilst at Swansea University is to work in the international office, helping them to contact potential students. I also secured a summer internship in Hong Kong, representing the The College, Swansea University (formerly International College of Wales Swansea, ICWS), based at the University, to promote and share my experiences.

I really enjoy my life as a student at Swansea University, and feel that it has prepared me for life as an independent academic - equipping me with knowledge and paving the way for my future.  My future aspiration is to make use of the skills I have learnt, and apply them to a career in health care, or human resources.  

I am an Ambassador.