Meet Joelle

I applied for this course as I wanted to combine my longstanding passion for physiology and my desire to help people.

Most of my time during the Respiratory and Sleep Physiology degree was spent on placement which increased my knowledge exponentially. I realised how much more I can learn by actually doing the job than solely learning theory in a classroom. I

I really appreciated working with mentors who had also completed the degree in Swansea University and their passion to pass on their own knowledge.

Having first-hand experience of doing the job you’re training to do is a real positive of the course. Also gaining patient feedback and encouragement pushes you to continue learning and to do the job to the best of your ability.

The class sizes are very small, resulting in lectures being far more interactive and there was a wide variety of teaching styles including practical sessions and case studies.

The tuition fees for the course were Welsh Government funded which alleviated a certain amount of financial pressure. The course perfectly merged those two main aims of mine, resulting in me obtaining a job I thoroughly enjoy.

If anyone wants to start their journey into becoming a Healthcare Scientist, then this course is highly recommended. The course provides you with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to grow into a competent and valued practitioner.

I have received lovely feedback from patients which I will always remember and still gives me tremendous job satisfaction. It is a lovely feeling at the end of a long day to feel like you have made someone’s healthcare journey that little bit easier.

I am a Communicator.