Meet Lois

I was brought up on a farm and was always surrounded by animals. Having been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of four, I was always encouraged to be active and play as many sports as possible. From this stemmed a love of horses and riding. 

My first experience of osteopathy was when an equine osteopath came to treat my horse’s back problem, which after one treatment was completely cured! After witnessing this I thought osteopathy was the career for me as it could involve my love of sport and animals.

There were many great things about the M.Ost Osteopathy course at Swansea University but my favourite part was the practical and in-depth anatomy lectures. I feel that because of these we graduated with a deep knowledge base and high practical skill set.

Osteopathy can really improve patients’ quality of life, not just through the reduction of pain but also through education about pain and reassurance to patients about what is causing their issue. Osteopathy is really rewarding as you see a tangible difference to people’s wellbeing week on week. Some people are barely able to walk into the clinic on their first appointment but following treatment, by the next week they are back to their normal selves.

During my short time in practice, I have become aware of how truly skilled osteopaths are in musculoskeletal complaints - this makes me more passionate about my career every day.

I am currently working as an associate osteopath in two established clinics in Sketty and Saundersfoot, and I am setting up my own venture based in Mumbles. I have also started a kinesiology taping course and hope to qualify in dry-needling in 2017. I hope these extra skills will give my patients a better experience.

In September 2016 I enrolled on a PG Cert in Animal Osteopathy in Oxford and hope to be fully qualified and practising in south Wales by June 2017. Treating animals is a new challenge as they can’t tell you what hurts! But I am really enjoying it and can’t wait to be working with animals.