Salem Alasmari - PhD Healthcare Management

Salem Alasmari

What are you most proud of achieving personally or academically as a result of your time at Swansea to date?

I'm proud to have been a member of Swansea wonderful community and live in one of the most beautiful places in the UK. I really enjoy socializing with very welcoming and friendly neighbours who entertained me and my family with no barriers. I also feel honoured to study in a competitive academic environment with unique and renowned panel of experts who have been offering me a lot of their time and efforts.

I have been working very hard in collaboration with my supervisors to develop a unique framework that determines a set of enabling factors for the organisational readiness and sustainability of service improvement approaches in healthcare settings.

What do you enjoy most about your PhD?

For me being a PhD researcher is  a great opportunity that engages me with a never-ending process of self-learning within knowledge oriented environment. It is a real knowledge investment that has multidimensional effect over my personal, academic and professional aspects.

How have your studies changed your academic expectations?

Since I had been working as a hospital CEO with bachelor and master degree in healthcare management, it was such a precious opportunity  to improve my professional competency by joining PhD program at Swansea University. I started my studies by joining two courses of academic language that positively reflected on my skills in terms of academic writing style and reading skills in addition to other important aspects related to self-learning, self-discipline and time management.

Afterwards, I joined my PhD program and as a result of self-learning, exploratory readings and tutorials along with some informative discussions with my supervisory panel over a variety of healthcare aspects. I was finally able to decide confidently for the direction of my topic to be within the area of service improvement of healthcare settings in my home country.

Currently, I can feel that long standing learning process have empowered me to progress successfully in a way that exceeded my expectations. Surely, such a steady progress was built upon long accumulating knowledge that contributed in improving my cognitive perceptions, critical thinking, and learning skills. I can say with full confidence that I am on the right way towards achieving my goal “God willing”.

What would you tell prospective research students about college life?

In my experience, the fact is that the best possible  highly  inspiring and competitive  academic atmosphere  is  necessary  for  the quality of any PhD research. From my perspective as a PhD student, the College of Human and Health Sciences represent the best place that correspond with these requirements.  The sense of enthusiasm, cooperation, and understanding prevail among staff and students throughout the college and this contribute in preparing the ground for potential academic success.

Future career/academic goals

I am planning to cooperate with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia to develop and implement a practical model for implementing service improvement approaches i.e. Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean and Lean Six Sigma within Saudi hospitals. This model identifies a set of critical success factors and explores their interdependent relations in order to come up with scientific guidelines that assist healthcare organisations to effectively implement service improvement approaches and assure their sustainable implementation.