Apple Mac OSX Mail and Calendar

Follow these steps to setup your Exchange ActiveSync account your Apple Mac. These instructions are for the native Mail and Calendar apps:

1. Click on the apple logo and select Preferences:

System Preferences - Apple Mac

2. Click on Internet Accounts:

Internet Account Icon - Apple Mac

3. Click on Exchange:

Exchange Icon - Apple Mac

4. Next enter your Name.
Your email address is your student number @ For example
5. Your password is your university email password:

Exchange Enter Details - Apple Mac

6. You will be asked to accept the certificate.  Click Continue:

Contacts cannot verify - Apple Mac

7. When asked for the server, enter

Account Settings - Apple Mac

8. Setup is now complete. Click continue:

Account Summary - Apple Mac

9. Leave all the default options ticked:

Select Options - Apple Mac

10. The Mail app should begin to sync you email.

11. The Calendar app will sync your University calendar.