Our Password Advice

Never Reveal your Password

You will never be asked for your password by email or over the phone. IT Services technicians will never request your password via email. If anyone does request your password, you should seek advice from Customer Services.

In the rare circumstances that you do reveal your password to someone, be it an IT Services technician or otherwise, you should then change your password.

Use a Strong Password

Your passwords should never be short words that are easy to guess. Here are some steps to follow in order to create a strong password:

  • Make your password more than 10 characters long. The longer the better.
  • Use higher and lower case letters.
  • Use at least, 2 numbers and 1 special character ($%*&) in your password.
  • Use different passwords for different systems.
  • Change your passwords every now and again.
  • If you ever think your password has been compromised in anyway, please contact Customer Services or change your password.

Password Policy

There is a password policy that you must follow when you generate a password for ISS managed systems if you are a student or member of staff. The policy states that your password must be a minimum of 10 characters, and contain at least 2 numbers and 1 punctuation.