About SwanseaUni Wi-Fi

Swansea University provides Wi-Fi coverage across its campuses, for use by students and staff as well as a visitors network for guests and conferences.  Our Wi-Fi service provides access to eduroam, which is a worldwide W-Fi roaming network for phones/laptops/tablets. 

Our Wi-Fi network includes:

  • Enterprise level security and encryption
  • A games console Wi-Fi network
  • Connectivity across all Swansea University sites and access to the eduroam network at thousands of other universities around the world
  • A free Wi-Fi network for connectivity in university buildings for visitors and guests

Quick Setup

Getting Help with Connecting to SwanseaUni Wi-Fi

If you require help or assistance with connecting to our Wi-Fi network, please see our guide on how to get help here

It is important that you have a supported operating system and that it is up to date and protected by antivirus software. We have a guide to help you with securing your operating system which is available here.