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Welsh for the Family 1Welsh for the Family 2
30 weeks   30 weeks  
2 hours once a week 2 hours once a week
£70* (£40 concession price) £70* (£40 concession price)

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*Note that there is an additional cost for course books ( £15.95) / * contact us for more information about the concessionary fee

Additional Resources available:  C.D. / Board Games Pack


The aim of the course is to enable you to interact with children through the medium of Welsh.                                                                                                               

During the course the focus will be on the following:

  • greetings
  • asking questions
  • giving simple commands
  • reading
  • singing
  • playing games

Unlike other courses, the language patterns, songs and activities are tailored to help you to communicate with children through the medium of Welsh.

So if you want to talk to your child, read a story or help with homework here’s an opportunity to learn Welsh in a fun atmosphere.


Please Saran Thomas saran.g.thomas@swansea.ac.uk   for more details or if you would like to arrange a taster course in your area.