Services for students with a disability, medical condition or other needs

We aim to make our library services inclusive to all, but we recognise that some students benefit from specific facilities that we can offer as appropriate. The services and facilities detailed below are available to students who have had particular needs identified after assessment by Disability@CampusLife. Please contact the disability office if you think that you would benefit from any of these services.

Alternative formats

If you have a print disability (cognitive or physical), you may be entitled to access books, lecture notes and other material in an alternative format. For example, you may be provided with a PDF copy of a book if you have a disability which inhibits your handling of a print copy, or if you have a specific learning difficulty that means you would benefit from being able to use screen reading software with the text. Alternative formats are provided by the Transcription Centre, but the service is authorised by the Disability Office. Please contact the Disability Office if you think you would benefit from this service.

All open access campus PCs have a range of assistive technology tools, including read aloud software, which may also be helpful. 

Specialist Equipment for Loan

Use of the Visually Impaired Resources Room

A dedicated study space is available on Level 2 of Singleton Park Library where visually impaired students and their helpers can work. Students must have their card activated to enable access to the room, which has specialist equipment available for specific students. If you have been identified as needing access to the room, you can get your card activated at the Information Desk.

In Bay Library, there is a dedicated study space for visually impaired students in the Postgraduate Study Room in the South Wing. Students must have their card activated to enable access to the room. Please ask at the Bay Library Information Desk for help to do this. 


Lockers for storage are available to students who have this identified in their needs assessment. Lockers are in the Study Hall of Singleton Park Library and near the entrance to the North Wing in Bay Library. Visit the Information Desk in Singleton Park Library or Bay Library with the form from the Disability Office to get a locker assigned. 

Library Membership for Helpers

Helpers are allowed to have their own borrowing facilities in the library. Please visit the Information Desk in Singleton Park Library or in Bay Library to arrange this.