The ILS laboratory facilities within Swansea University Medical School, are located over five floors of the 5000m2 ILS1 building and in the adjacent ILS2 building, encompassing the Centre for NanoHealth (CNH) labs. These ‘wet labs’ offer custom-designed laboratory space and state of the art methodological platforms for advanced Medical/Life Science research.

Laboratories Wales
Laboratories Wales

‌Facilities include: advanced tissue culture (both Class II and Class III levels of containment), primary human tissue handling and processing facilities, microbiology, wide-ranging cell/molecular biology facilities, Mass spectrometry analysis and medical device development and testing laboratories. Platforms available for cell/molecular biology include advanced microscopy and imaging options (confocal, fluorescent microscopy, laser capture micro-dissection, In Cell high content system, automated microscope scanning systems); dedicated flow cytometry.

Laboratories Swansea

There is also technical support for standard activities such as immunoblotting, qPCR, cell separation, multiplex analysis, and immunohistochemistry. Recent equipment additions include: Seahorse Bioscience bioflux analyzer for analysis of cellular metabolism, Bruker BioScope Catalyst (on Nikon Eclipse) combining atomic force microscopy and illumina MiSeq benchtop sequencer.