Morgan Academy


The Morgan Academy, named after the late Rhodri Morgan, former First Minister of Wales and Swansea University Chancellor, is a research-based think tank created to deal with the pressing ‘wicked issues’ of public policy in Wales and the wider World.  Based in Swansea University, it will work across subject disciplines. As well as promoting critical  thinking, it will work collaboratively to promote innovative evidence-based policy.

It will carry out commissioned and ‘blue-sky’ research in the social sciences and arts and humanities but it will seek to make its primary impact as a policy centre. In this regard, it also acts as a ‘what works’ research clearinghouse taking the salient research output of the University, across arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering and science and using this evidence base to apply high-quality research findings to the material world. In other contexts, this has been regarded as a process of knowledge transfer or commercialisation.

It is as likely to be involved in promoting evidence-based policy in relation to controversial issues such as novel means of extracting oil and gas (in the context of an unstable geopolitical map) as it is to be contributing to discussions on the future of a publicly-funded NHS. It is concerned with both Wales and the wider world.‌

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