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Ancient Languages & History

Swansea Summer School of Ancient Languages YR9

Students will learn the basic elements of Latin, ancient Greek, medieval Latin and Hieroglyphs.


Physics talks at secondary schools YR9

The following topics are available: Astronomy, Cosmology, Electricity, Energy, Forces and motion, Gravity, Light, Low Temperature Physics, Materials, Nanotechnology, Optics, Quantum Mechanics, and Radioactivity.

Mass Spectrometry What's in my painkiller YR9-13

This activity is an interactive presentation which aims to build on students' understanding of atomic theory and the periodic table, chemical reactions and the analysis of substances in a working analytical environment within a National Facility.  Mass spectrometry is shown in action, identifying the compounds in a common painkiller tablet straight from the blister pack.


Royal Institution Maths Master Classes YR9

The activity consists of a series of six interactive Saturday morning lectures in the spring term for more able and talented year 9 students on a range of mathematically diverse topics. Students are expected to try and apply the ideas themselves, either singly or in small groups.

Further Maths Careers in Maths YR9

Students will be given an insight into how specific Mathematics topics are used in real life, examples of careers where Mathematics-rich degrees are required, university ratings and university entry requirements. Schools will receive leaflets with information related to careers in Maths-rich subjects.

Welsh medium

Students Supporting Welsh Medium Education YR9

University students are given the opportunity to complete a period of work experience in a local junior or secondary school.