Attraction and Recruitment

Our aims:

The University's Mission is:

Ever true to the vision of its industrial founders in 1920, Swansea University will:

  • Deliver an outstanding student experience, with research-led and practice-driven teaching of the highest quality that produces global graduates educated and equipped for distinguished personal and professional achievement;
  • Provide an environment of research excellence, with research that is world-leading, globally collaborative, and internationally recognised;
  • Use our teaching and research strengths, collaboration with industry, and global reach to drive economic growth, foster prosperity, enrich the community and cultural life of Wales, as well as contribute to the health, leisure, and wellbeing of its citizens.

Strategic and Attraction will attract and recruit a diverse high quality academic and professional services staff that share our vision by developing and implementing an efficient, planned and customer focused attraction and recruitment policy and process.

The 5 steps of Attraction and Recruitment

There are five steps to the recruitment process.

The line manager will be supported at each stage by the HR Community. Please refer to the detailed guidance for progressing with each stage. 

Step 1: Planning and obtain funding

The planning stage is vital in ensuring success in attracting and recruiting high quality academic and professional services staff that share our vision.  

The attraction and recruitment policy applies to all University appointments, apart from those listed in the guide to Exceptions to full attraction and recruitment process . When a vacancy is identified, the line manager must review the proposed job in the context of the University/ College/ School/ Departmental structure and business plan. 

The process is available in the document on Workforce Planning.

For all vacancies please complete the  Template A: Vacancy Checklist



Step 2: Advertising

A professional and attractive advert is the first opportunity for potential applicants to notice the job and is key to attracting talent to apply for the job.  The published materials must look attractive and professional with a positive image of the University brand to stand out in the competitive marketplace.  Additional publicity and marketing information may be available from College / School or Department Marketing colleagues who can provide support and expertise in publicising the vacancies.

The HR Business partner will provide coaching and guidance to the Line Manager on  Writing an advert ‌and other available resources such as brochures, strategic documents, images and other attraction materials.

The  Advert template will provide the structure but adverts need to be dynamic and attractive and appeal to the particular audience.

Social media is a powerful tool in promoting vacancies and the hashtag #SwanseaUniJobs will direct applicants to our jobs.  The following gives an overview on  Tweeting a job

Using networks on LinkedIn and facebook is also powerful to publicise vacancies within your contacts.

Step 3: Shortlisting

Short listing is a key stage of recruitment and involves objectively assessing each application against the requirements of the post set out in the person specification. Inviting to interview is important when creating a good first impression to potential employees.

Shortlisting Panel Form

Shortlisting Form Professional Services

Shortlisting Form Leadership Professional Services

Step 4: Interviewing

The Composition of the interview depends on the type of role and is detailed in the attached document  Composition of Interview panels Nov 2017

Selection Day checklist will ensure that all arrangements are in place and that the interview runs smoothly.  The following forms need to be completed during the interview and returned to the HR Advisory Assistant at the end of the interview:

Interview Panel Form

Interview candidate notes form

Interview panel score summary

Step 5: Individual starts

Supporting a new colleague fully as they commence a new role with the University will provide a positive start for the working relationship and set the new starter up for success

The Line Manager will be responsible for communicating with the new member of staff to welcome them and to deal with, practical queries such as relocation, notice periods and salary negotiations. The new starters webpage will be a source of support:

Equal Opportunities

All of the Recruitment and Selection at Swansea University is underpinned by our Equal Opportunities principles and policies.  Further information on Equality at Swansea can be found at: Equal opportunities



Lumesse is the online recruitment system used at Swansea University, if you require any information please contact you HR Business Partner.