Performance Enabling

What is Performance Enabling?

The University is committed to a culture of Performance Enabling which aims to support and enable employees to achieve their potential, succeed in their roles and thereby delivers the University’s key strategic themes. 

Performance Enabling is a range of related approaches which will:   

  • Clarify the expectations of the employees’ role and standard of performance required.
  • Ensure that the employee is clear on the key organisational objectives and their part in contributing to the delivery of these.
  • Provide the appropriate support, feedback, coaching and skilling to enable the individual to perform to their maximum level.
  • Remove any barriers that prevent an individual from performing.
  • Demonstrate that employees who perform well are recognised and those who under-perform are challenged.

Annual Professional Development Reviews

Professional Development Reviews (PDR)

Quick Stats

  • Of the Annual Reviews completed in 2018, 15 areas achieved 100%
  • Of the Interim Reviews completed in 2018, 14 areas achieved 100%
  • Of the Annual Reviews completed in 2017, 17 areas achieved 100%
  • Of the Interim Reviews completed in 2017, 15 areas achieved 100%


The Annual Review window for 2018 is open to enable you to have a meaningful conversation by 30th November. Guidance is available for all colleagues and can be found by clicking on the link below:

Professional Development Reviews