After you apply

After you apply

We will acknowledge receipt of your application via email (online applications) or by letter (paper applications) within 2 working days.

If you have not sent all your supporting documents with your application, please do so as soon as possible so that your application can be considered and a decision made on whether to offer you a place. Please quote your Swansea student number in all correspondence with us.

Your application will be considered “complete” once your supporting documentation is received: it will be processed by the Postgraduate Admissions Office and then sent to the relevant Admissions Tutor in the appropriate College for a decision.

Our decision:

Following consideration by Admissions Tutors in the academic Colleges, you will be informed whether:

  • You are to be offered a place
  • You are to be invited for interview
  • We are unable to offer you a place

You will receive either a conditional or unconditional offer from us, or we will inform you that we are unable to offer you a place. We will notify you of our decision by email.

Taught Master's applications: Once we have received all the necessary supporting documentation, we aim to notify you of our decision (or issue an invitation for interview) within 10 working days from the date we acknowledge receipt of your application.

Research degree applications: we aim to make a decision within 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the additional information we require (for example, further details of your research proposal).


The majority of programmes do not require an interview as part of the selection process. If an interview is required, the purpose and format will be communicated to you by the College so you know what to expect and what role this plays in the overall selection process.

A few Masters’ courses (specifically in the Department of English Language and Literature) require candidates to provide additional written work to supplement an application.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to receive a decision?

  • Candidates for taught master's degrees should normally receive a decision within 9 working days and applicants for research degree programmes within 19 working days. Please note: if your application is incomplete, a decision on your application will be delayed.

I have received an email via my online application form saying "Decision Finalised" but I have not received it. When will I hear from you?

  • You will normally receive a decision letter by email within 2 working days of receiving the "Decision Finalised" email. The "Decision Finalised" email means that the Admissions Tutor has made a decision but this still has to be processed by the Admissions Office and checked by the Postgraduate Admissions Manager. If you have not received a decision letter AFTER two complete working days, please send us an email at

How can I register on one of your Open Days?

  • You can book a place via our website:
  • All applicants are welcome to visit the University independently at any time as access to the University is not restricted. However you should first make an appointment with the Admissions Tutor if you want to have a look around the College and meet with a member of staff.
  • If you want to also have a look at some University accommodation you should arrange this in advance with Residential Services (

I have received an email telling me that my application will be withdrawn as I have not submitted the correct documents. I don't have the documents you need. What can I do?

 I have received a conditional offer, what does this mean?

  • A conditional offer means that you have been accepted onto a postgraduate course of study SUBJECT TO you meeting the criteria specified in your formal offer of admission.

 What English Language tests do you accept?

My offer mentions than an EDBS/Police Check is required. What do I need to do?

  • UK residents: If you require a Disclosure, the Admissions Office will send you:
    • A DBS Application Form
    • Information Sheet

    Please read the DBS e-guide carefully BEFORE you start to complete your application form in BLACK ink. The DBS will return all incorrectly completed application forms and your Disclosure will be significantly delayed.

  • EU and overseas candidates will be asked to supply an original document from the police authority (or other relevant authority) in your country of residence detailing the status of your criminal record. In many countries this document is called "A Certificate of No Criminal Conviction", "A Certificate of Good Conduct" or "A Police Clearance Certificate".

If you are unsure about where to obtain your documents, please try the following:

  • Approach your local police station or your local authority.
  • Contact the embassy or the consulate general in your country of residence or in the United Kingdom. Details for embassies in the United Kingdom can be found on the Foreign and Commonwealth website.
  • Look on the internet - use a word search such as "Criminal background check in country of residence"

My application was unsuccessful, can I appeal against the decision?

  • If you feel that the University's decision not to offer you a place was incorrect, please contact the Admissions Office at for feedback on the reasons for rejection.

If you are still unhappy, you can appeal against a decision not to offer you a place in the following circumstances:

a) where there is significant new information, which for good reason was not made available either on the original application or during the selection procedure, and where that new information is significant and directly relevant to the original decision; or

b) where you believe that the University and/or departmental admissions principles and procedures have been inconsistently or incorrectly applied.

Full details of the appeals procedure for applicants can be found at:

What do I do if I am unhappy with the way my application has been handled?

  • If you are unhappy about the way your University application or enquiry has been handled we suggest that you contact the Admissions Office in the first instance by email:

After discussing the issue with the Admissions Office, if you are still unhappy you can lodge a formal complaint. Details of the University's complaints procedure for applicants can be found at: http//

What are the term dates?

Who do I contact if I want to talk to someone about special support arrangements?