Engineering students accelerate into the fast lane !

A Swansea University College of Engineering team have designed and delivered a new revolutionary car which won praise at an international design competition.

The Swansea team developed and built the first successful integration of an engine with turbocharging and continuous variable transmission in the history of UK Formula Student.

Formula-student-carOrganised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Formula Student is one Europe’s most prestigious established educational motorsport engineering design competition.

Groups of students are called to design, build, and race competitive formula style racing cars; analysing and justifying the design, costing, and associated business plans. This year at Silverstone, over 130 University teams from 34 countries (from Iceland to Australia) were registered, with over 2500 students participating. The competition was an occasion to showcase the excellence of Swansea students.

Formula-Student-TeamSwansea University’s car was light and presented a totally new compact packaging. The students were able to design and deliver this new revolutionary car in a single year! 

At the competition, the car was one of the most visible, visited and praised car at the competition, arriving in 12th place overall in the design contest, and 4th among the British teams.

In the acceleration and sprint events the car performed well, placing 5th among the UK teams. Unfortunately during the final endurance event there were some issues with the hot re-ignition at the driver changeover. Even with this penalisation, Swansea University reached 30th position overall and 7th position among 40 attending UK teams, becoming the best Welsh team!  

Swansea University Lecturer Dr Davide Deganello said: “ My first year as Formula Advisor was an incredible experience. I met a group of motivated exceptional students, who "dared and won".  

Picture1: Swansea University College of Engineering’s racing car in action.

Picture2: Swansea University College of Engineering ‘Formula Student’ team with their designed and built racing car.