Having a ball at Swansea University Summer Ball 2012

Nevermind the weather, smiles were shining on every face at the Swansea University Summer Ball on Jubilee weekend.

Following a rainy start the clouds (eventually) cleared for a fantastic Jubilee weekend summer garden party.

A wonderful mix of colourful outfits were displayed, with everyone looking smart and dapper amongst the umbrellas and bunting. For many the handy choice of practical wellies were the order of the day! We saw lots of cheers, smiles and hands in the air in the big tents for the main acts, Pixie Lott, Tim Minchin and Queen B. There were also screams for all the fun of the funfair, with a few light refreshments and snacks keeping the garden party goers fed and watered until the later hours.

Summer Ball 2012

This garden party was far from a wash out! It was a totally awesome event, thoroughly enjoyed, and will be remembered by many as part of the unforgettable 2012 Jubilee celebrations.

Check out Swansea University's Flickr site for some fabulous photos of the event!