Information Systems researcher’s productive decade

A senior lecturer in Information Systems at Swansea University has been named as one of the most frequently published authors in his field over the last decade.

Yogesh Dwivedi Dr Yogesh Dwivedi, from the School of Business and Economics, is listed 13th in a list of the top 30 productive authors, published in a paper for the prestigious European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS).

The paper, entitled ‘An Anatomy of European Information Systems Research: The First 20 Years of the European Conference on Information Systems’, was co-authored by Professor Robert D Galliers and PhD student Mari-Klara Oja, of Bentley University, USA and Dr Edgar A Whitley, of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

It was published at this year’s ECIS event, held in Barcelona, Spain, which marked the conference’s 20th anniversary year.

Although 295 papers have been published on the subject of Information Systems by UK-based academics in past 10 years, only five researchers have published a sufficient number of papers to secure their inclusion in the list.

Dr Dwivedi, who has published 13 research papers over the last decade, said: “I am surprised and pleased to be recognised in this way at such a prestigious conference by peers and leading experts in IS, as the conference celebrates 20 years. It is truly an honour to be listed along with senior academics from across the world.   

“The research that I have investigated and published on over the last decade was focused on the adoption, and the use and impact of information and communication technology – such as broadband, electronic government, electronic commerce, enterprise systems, social media – by citizens, consumers, and organisations.

“My current research continues to focus on investigating how consumers, organisations, and society deploy and use ICTs including Radio Frequency Identification, Mobile Technologies and Social Media, for the various purposes such as delivering education, electronic commerce, electronic business, and electronic government services.

“Furthermore, how the deployment and use of ICTs would affect the existing structure and performance of organisations and society is also an area of future research interest.”

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