NERC Planet Earth Podcast: “Forecasting solar storms, fish personalities”

Dr Andrew King from Swansea University’s College of Science features in a new podcast on the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) research news website Planet Earth Online.

Dr Andrew King The podcast, entitled “Forecasting solar storms, fish personalities”, looks at why accurately forecasting solar storms is becoming increasingly important; and how understanding how fish shoal could interest economists.

In his interview in the second half of the podcast, Dr King, a behavioural ecologist who leads the SHOAL (Sociality, Heterogeneity, Organisation And Leadership) research group at Swansea University, speaks about his NERC funded research on group diversity and collective performance of fish shoals.

To listen to the podcast and read the accompanying article on Planet Earth Online visit

Dr King undertook the podcast interview while in his previous role at The Royal Veterinary College in London, before joining Swansea University recently, where he has brought his NERC Research Fellowship, and lectures in the College of Science.

More information on Dr King’s research can be found at, and for updates follow @SHOALgroup on Twitter or read his blog.