New book examines relationship between Wales, Israel and Palestine

Dr Jasmine Donahaye from Swansea University has recently written a book which examines the long history of Welsh interest in Palestine and Israel.

The book, entitled ‘Whose People? Wales, Israel and Palestine,’ published by University of Wales Press asks searching questions about the relationship that Wales has with the Israel-Palestine situation.

Surveying Welsh missionary writing, fictional imaging of Jews, and the political use of images of Palestine and Israel, it challenges received wisdom about Welsh tolerance and liberalism, and identifies a complex and unique relationship.

Dr Jasmine Donahaye

Dr Jasmine Donahaye graduated with a PhD in English from Swansea University in 2004 after achieving a BA in Celtic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

Today, she is a creative writing lecturer at Swansea University, specialising in nature writing and poetry. Her published work includes cultural criticism, creative non-fiction and poetry.

Dr Jasmine Donahaye said: ‘‘This is the first monograph that looks at Welsh attitudes to Jews, Israel and Palestine, and the first study to ask critical  questions about the material. It contributes to the growing body of work in British Jewish studies and offers a particular Welsh angle to the study of the Israel-Palestine situation. At the same time I think it will challenge some assumptions within Wales.’’

Picture courtesy of Keith Morris