Scientists remind Assembly of the importance of science in politics

On Friday 7 December 2012 at 12pm, scientists from both Swansea and Cardiff Universities will offer Assembly Members a copy of a new book by Mark Henderson, titled “The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters”.

Over the past two months, the scientists have organised a successful campaign to purchase all sixty books, which will be hand-delivered to the Senedd together with personalised letters to each Assembly Member.

Campaign organiser, Dr Fred Boy from Swansea University’s Department of Psychology said: “Henderson’s book condemns the treatment of science and evidence in politics and echoes the concerns of thousands of science professionals across the country.”

Dr Chris Chambers from Cardiff University, who has led the campaign, said: “We believe it is vital for all politicians to appreciate the gravity of these concerns. But in addition to raising awareness about the problems, we also want to start talking about the solutions.”

The campaign is seeking to create a web-based ‘hive mind’ which brings together the expertise of thousands of scientists to assist politicians in obtaining and interpreting evidence.