Swansea academic seeking global solutions to pollution problems

Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Swansea University, is taking part in a global conference looking at how to keep the world safe from disease.

Professor Lappin-Scott is President of the Society of General Microbiology and also sits on the International Board of the American Society for Microbiology – both organisations exist to promote understanding of the science and how it can help improve health and environmental wellbeing worldwide.

Professor Lappin-Scott is this week taking part in the ASM’s annual conference in San Francisco. She said: “We are looking for global strategies to tackle global pollution and ensure safe food and drinking water for the world’s growing population.

“Part of my role is to promote stronger links between the UK and US microbiology societies, and with others across the world, so that we can all work together.

“It is no use academics and researchers working in silos. We need to be tackling issues like disease prevention and pollution together. Microbiology is vitally important in how we understand the world. Some of the greatest advances in medical science, for example, have been made by microbiologists like Alexander Fleming and Louis Pasteur.

“The world’s population is growing rapidly, and if we are to meet the challenge of ensuring there is enough food for everyone, and continue to try to prevent the spread of disease, then we need global solutions.”

More information about the Society for General Microbiology can be found here: http://www.sgm.ac.uk/