Swansea University Research Forum (SURF) Christmas Lecture: Chemistry and Light

Swansea University’s Research Forum (SURF) is to hold a free public Christmas lecture by Dr Peter Douglas entitled Chemistry and Light.

Date: Wednesday 12th December

Speaker: Dr Peter Douglas, Swansea University

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: The Faraday Lecture Theatre, Swansea University

Admission: Admission is free and all are welcome

Event Summary
The lecture will show the importance of photochemistry in our world, include more than thirty demonstrations, and is divided into three sections.

How light is made: This section demonstrates how light can be generated electrically, thermally and chemically, and how visible light can be generated from ultraviolet light, i.e. fluorescence and phosphorescence.

How light is used today in technology and everyday life:  In this section the use of light in the technologies of everyday life is demonstrated. This includes its use in photography, electronics, entertainment, plastics, medicine and security.

How light might be used in the future to solve two of the most important problems facing mankind i.e. the production of clean water and clean energy: The lecture ends with demonstrations illustrating ways in which light can be used to purify polluted water, and how sunlight can be used as the ideal non-polluting energy source by conversion into electricity or a chemical fuel.

To order the free tickets to the event please visit: http://chemistryandlight.eventbrite.co.uk