Swansea University to host Learn English in Wales Conference

Swansea University will host this year’s Inaugural Learn English in Wales Consortium’s Conference on Saturday 10th November.

The conference entitled ‘Promoting Best Practice in English Language Learning and Teaching’ organised by Swansea University English Language Training Services will be held at Hendrefoelan Student Village’s Emily Phipps Building.

The conference will be the first of its kind in Wales and sponsored by Cambridge University and supported by the British Council.

Internationally acclaimed linguist, academic and author David Crystal will give a speech at the conference entitled ‘Grammar Rules: Keeping Grammar Alive in the Classroom.’ He will also hold a thirty minute ‘Language Clinic’.

Martin Hewings from The University of Birmingham and co-author of Cambridge Academic English will also lead a workshop.

Papers will be presented by professional practitioners from across the Welsh private and public sectors on topics relevant to current English language learning and teaching themes.

Kevin Child, Head of English Language Training Services at Swansea University said: ‘‘This is a really exciting event for us and I sincerely hope it becomes a regular activity in future. We are honoured to welcome David Crystal as a keynote speaker and I look forward to meeting him.’’