The Menna Collection

The Egypt Centre is delighted to welcome a new jewellery collection by designer Menna Lloyd.

Menna Lloyd 2

Her unique collection is inspired by ancient Egypt, and her contemporary pieces are fashioned out of 'silver overlaid with gold and a form of clay.   Her truly remarkable exhibition and consignment pieces are now available to view, and buy, at the Egypt Centre.

The collection is named after both the designer and the ‘muse’, ‘Menna’.


The ancient Egyptian Menna was a highly respected scribe during the reign of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (c.1400 BC). His titles included those of ‘Scribe of the Fields of the Two Lands of Upper and Lower Egypt’ and ‘Field overseer of Amun’. He would have worked in the temple of Amun at Karnak and his tomb is well known to Egyptologists for its religious and agricultural scenes. One of the pieces designed by Menna Lloyd shows the daughter of the ancient Egyptian picking lotus flowers and holding a brace of birds.

Menna necklace

Menna Lloyd states of ancient Menna:

Besides being the namesake of the designer, he also leaves us the legacy of the most magical tombs in the Luxor Valley, with whimsical imagery of Egyptian life.

The images represented in the Menna range of jewellery use a special technique to transfer drawings and images onto her pieces and then embed them within a fine silver framework. The combination of rock crystal and pearl with the various colours of sari silk are used to complement the playful nature of the Ancient Egyptian art of that era.

The Menna Collection is on display in the Egypt Centre shop area until February 1st 2013.


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