Theology Public Lecture: The Future of Christian Theology

The Swansea University Theology Public Lecture Series continues in March with a lecture focusing on the future of Christian Theology

Title: The Future of Christian Theology

Speaker: Professor David Ford (Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge)

Date: Thursday 15th March 2012

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: James Callaghan Lecture Theatre, James Callaghan Building

Admission:  Free, all welcome

David Ford Professor David Ford has been Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge since 1991. He is also Chairman of the Management Committee of the Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies, a Member of St John’s College, a Fellow of Selwyn College and Foundation member of Trinity College.

His current research interests in the area of contemporary Christian thought are focussed in two directions: first, in the direction of hermeneutics, the interpretation of scripture and substantive issues in contemporary Christian thought and practice; and second, in the direction of inter-faith theology and relations, particularly the issues of inter-faith scriptural interpretation and the relation of faiths to secular cultures, traditions and forces.

The Theology Public Lecture Programme at Swansea University was first set up over nine years ago by the Reverend Nigel John, Senior Chaplain at Swansea University.  By the end of this current academic year there will have been a total of 70 lectures that have taken place with 68 different speakers.  During this period internationally respected Church leaders and world renowned academics have spoken on a whole range of different topics.