Welsh SME business leaders top of the class again

Business owners and managers of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Wales have passed a 10-month LEAD Wales programme at Swansea University with flying colours.

The eighth cohort, comprising 22 participants, took part in the groundbreaking course to develop leadership skills and business acumen at the University.

LEAD wales cohort 8 Companies ranged from specialists in the research, development, manufacturing and world-wide distribution of medical laboratory diagnostics and bacteriology products and insolvency practioners, to architects and companies working in the construction industry.

Speaking about the benefits of participating on the LEAD Wales programme, Anne-Marie Rogan, the Chief Executive Officer at Swansea YMCA said: “This year I decided to join the LEAD programme and I can truly say professionally and personally it's been one of the best things I have ever done. 

“Why? - for me the timing, the content, the people.  The LEAD Programme has literally made me realise the true potential of leadership-it's helped me understand why I do what I do, the impact of what I do, how I can improve what I do, ...the effect it has on the business and how my actions and my leadership impact the direction, the style, culture and the bottom line.”

To date over 350 companies have taken part in the LEAD Wales programme.  On average, these businesses have seen an increase in turnover of around 29%, and this has supported the creation of more than 300 new jobs in Wales.

A series of 30 programmes are being held at Swansea and Bangor Universitiesuntil 2015.

The courses are without charge to businesses – for more information about the LEAD Wales programme, call 01792 606684, email: info@leadwales.co.uk, or visit www.leadwales.co.uk.

This item has been posted by Delyth Purchase, Swansea University Public Relations Office, on behalf of the LEAD Wales project.