DNA damage - research funding for Swansea expert to present at Brazil conference

A researcher in genetic toxicology in the College of Medicine has been awarded a travel scholarship by the Welsh Livery Guild, which will help fund her to present her research at a major international scientific conference in Brazil.

Kate Chapman's research looks at the ways in which our DNA is damaged by chemicals from our surroundings.   She is part of the DNA Damage research group at the University, which studies the hazards and risks to our genome arising from exposure to both natural and man-made agents.  

Kate Chapman and Adrian WarnerKate’s research has now been given a big boost by the Welsh Livery Guild, which has awarded her a travel scholarship of £1000. 

The Guild is “The Honourable Society for the Arts, Science and Technology”, and one of its aims is to “promote education, science, technology and the arts”.

The funding will enable Kate to speak at the 11th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens in Brazil in November, which brings together the world’s leading researchers in this field.  

Kate Chapman‌Pictures:  Kate receiving her award from Adrian Warner of the Welsh Livery Guild, and at work in the laboratory in Swansea University's College of Medicine.

Kate Chapman said:

"My research on in vitro genetic toxicology overlaps with all topics to be covered at the conference. There will be talks on DNA damage, repair and mutation, and I’ll be interested to learn more about work in related areas, particularly cancer and epigenetics."

"It provides the opportunity to present my research to a specialist, international audience." 

"It will also allow me to gain feedback and potentially discuss new ideas for future direction in my PhD and scientific career with leaders in the field."

"It’s a chance for me to showcase Swansea research on a world stage, and I was delighted to receive the scholarship from the Welsh Livery Guild so that I could participate."

 Adrian Warner from the Welsh Livery Guild said:

“The aim is to encourage students to progress and to support them with a specific project.  The Welsh Livery Guild raises the money through dinners and other events.  It’s great that Kate is able to go a world scientific conference and we want to support and encourage her.”